When to Take Your Car to an Auto Repair Shop

Car owners know how difficult and dangerous it is to drive in winter time, with all the snow and rain on the road. Moreover, the enormous change in temperature can be dangerous to your car system, that is why you should maintain it well.

Here, you will find a useful checklist for preparing your car for wintertime; remember you should always visit an auto repair center before the winter comes:

-Check your antifreeze, this is an essential part of your car’s winter protection. The proportions are 50/50 of water and antifreeze, you can buy a tester for less than $5. The other option is to take it to an auto repair center and they will fully prepare your car for winter time.

-Replace your wipers; although most of us don’t pay much attention to them, they are some of the most important elements. First of all, because anything falling from the sky is going to land on your windshield, if they are not cleaned properly, it will reduce your visibility. Moreover, muck usually carries a lot of sand and salt, and they both end up on the windshield. Replacing your wipers costs almost nothing but keeps your windshield clean and safe.

-Inspect your tires. When the weather gets bad and the roads are completely covered by snow and rain, the only way to prevent an accident is by checking your tires in a professional auto repair shop and replace them if needed. You can always do the old penny test to find out if your tires are ready for winter.

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All You Need to Know about Auto Repair Service

If you have a car, then you surely know what type of basic maintenance you need to do. However, there are several mistakes drivers make without realizing which can be avoided, so in this blog post, we will explain what the main maintenance mistakes homeowners make are and how to avoid them. There are a lot of dangerous and irresponsible things you can do to your car you are while “fixing” it, so we always recommend taking it to an auto repair service.

Something that drivers should never ignore is the oil level; first of all because in most modern cars, there is multifunctional display that shows the level. So don’t ignore it and get you oil changed every 30,000 miles or when the display tells you.

Driving with excess weight is also a big problem for both the engine and outside of your car. There is no problem if you use your car once for your moving, but adding excessive weight to it will damage the car eventually. We recommend not to carry much luggage with you when you know you are going to take more than two people in your car.

If you notice your tires are soft, you should immediately go to an auto repair service and get them changed. Check your tires pressure every now and then preferably when the tires are cold. To know what the pressure should be for both the front and back tires, check the sticker on your driver’s door jamb. Tires that are not sufficiently inflated are just as dangerous as tires that are too much inflated, so make sure you consult a specialist before hitting the road again. We recommend taking your car to an auto repair service to have it inspected.
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