Beyond Fuel Injection Service: We Offer Quality Preventive Car Maintenance Service

Do you have a car? If you answered yes and you’re living in Tallahassee, FL, regardless of your car’s type or size, you should call All American Auto Electric for our preventive maintenance and fuel injection service. Continue reading to find out why you need our help.

Why get a car maintenance service?

Having brake issues, and failing your car’s emission test are just a few of the costly problems mechanics can avoid. Your car’s market value and durability are decreasing every year. This is a sad fact, knowing how much money, time, and hard work you’ve invested in buying the car. Protect your property from excessive damaged by getting our preventive maintenance, along with our fuel injection service. The sooner you’ll see us for your car’s annual inspection, the better. This will save you money and time.

If you’re constantly on the road or putting heavy loads in your car, the maintenance schedule written in your car’s manual might no longer apply to you.

What can we do for you?

We’re expert in assessing various car’s part. We’ll look into your car’s transmission system, engine, radiator, brakes, clutch, and more using the best tools and practices. We have inventories in our shop, and it comes with a warranty! That is why you don’t need to go around or look for suppliers in case our team found a minor issue in your car interior components. The good thing is, some of our products can be part of your maintenance service package!

If you would like to know which preventive maintenance programs suit you best, talk to us. Our people will be happy to assist you. Our great skills and excellent customer service are what brings us to this era. We’re efficient, and for us, there’s nothing more special but your satisfaction and the health of your car.

If you decided to become one of our customers, we’ll make sure that you’ll regularly receive quality service, updates for your next preventive maintenance schedule, and some special perks.

If you’re military in Tallahassee, FL, and looking for a cheap fuel injection service or car maintenance specialists, call All American Auto Electric at (850) 220-1470.