Just Moved to the Area?

Just Moved to the Area?  

What to Look for in a Professional Auto Repair Shop

There is no if, only when you start to experience problems with your car, time is sometimes of the essence. For most drivers, coping with busy work schedules and a family means having a trouble-free vehicle an absolute necessity. We at All American Auto Electric in Tallahassee, FL always advise our clients to look for an

auto repair shop

before they actually need one, so if you do experience an emergency with your vehicle, you are not scrambling around frantically looking for a reputable garage.

Ask around your neighborhood

You will find that the best referrals will come from the likes of family, friends, and colleagues that have all experienced problems in the past. Receiving word-of-mouth referrals from people you know and trust will mean the difference between being scammed or getting your car fixed at a reputable garage.

Start looking before an emergency

Should your radiator start to smoke or your car refuses to turn over, then the chances are you want it fixed in a hurry. In these situations, most people’s judgment

is clouded

, which means making a hasty decision, so you should always look for an

auto repair


before you actually need one.

Never choose a garage on price alone

While your budget does affect your choice, never go for the cheapest option. Make sure you do some research and compare prices. The cheapest rate does not always mean you will receive poor workmanship, however, the same can be said for the more expensive rates.

Read online reviews

Even though you have word of mouth referrals, you should check every garage out online. These reviews provided unbiased reviews from past customers that share their experiences with local repair shops.

If you want to book your vehicle for our local


repair service,

call All American Auto Electric at (850) 220-1470 today, we are in Tallahassee, FL.