Learn More about the Air Conditioning Unit of Your Car

Learn More about the Air Conditioning Unit of Your Car  

Do You Really Need to Book an Auto Electrical Service

If you are currently having some problems with your car but you have no knowledge of mechanics it’s probably the right time for you to book an auto electrical service. Only a licensed and skillful AC/brake repair specialist or a general mechanic can solve your problem adequately. However, if you believe that the issue is caused by a malfunction in your air conditioning system and you want to understand what has happened, this post is just for you. Today, the technicians of All American Auto Electric have prepared a short summary of the structure of a car’s AC unit and would like to share it with you.

So what does your vehicle’s AC system include?

  • Compressor. This is believed to be the most important part of the whole unit. It has an electric clutch which allows the vehicle owner to control the cool air levels. The compressor pumps pressurized refrigerant vapor to the condenser.

  • Condenser. This part of the unit works like a tiny radiator. It is usually mounted near the standard radiator of your car. The condenser serves to cool refrigerant from gas to liquid in order to produce cold air.

  • Thermal expansion valve. This part of the unit serves to control the flow of the cooled refrigerant. It also regulates the temperature of the air which is blown into the compartment for passengers. With the help of the valve the refrigerant transits into vapor gas and goes into the evaporator.

  • Evaporator. Once it receives the low-pressure refrigerant in the form of a gas through the expansion valve warm air is produced. It is blown over the evaporator into the compartment with the help of a fan. The refrigerant vaporizes and absorbs heat from the warm air to cool it.

  • Drier. As you could have probably guessed yourselves, this part of your car’s AC unit is designed to prevent liquid from getting into the compressor. It works as a protective mechanism and uses a desiccant to chemically absorb moisture.

If all this information confused you even more, then you should certainly switch to “Plan B” and book an auto electrical service at a local car repair shop. There are plenty of mechanics in Tallahassee, FL but you should definitely make sure that the one you have chosen is licensed and experienced before you trust your vehicle to him. If you want guaranteed repair results, call (850) 220-1470 and book an appointment with our team!